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Windows95 admits name change for Eurovision 2024

Windows95 admits name change for Eurovision 2024 Image credits: © Miikka Varila / Yle

This Saturday, Windows95man won the UMK and, therefore, will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 with the song No Rules. However, the stage name of the rapper may have to change.

Teemu Keisteri (Windows95man) raised this possibility, as quoted by the Yle broadcaster’s website: “Well, now the hard work begins. Now we will start thinking about the name. But the character is here, regardless of what’s on the t-shirt”.

Windows95 is a Microsoft operating system almost 30 years old and practically irrelevant from a marketing and advertising perspective nowadays. However, the logo may not be well received by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which does not accept brand names.

A well-known example was San Marino’s song in 2012: Valentina Monetta had to change the title from Facebook Uh, Oh, Oh (A Satirical Song) to The Social Network Song (OH OH – Uh – OH OH) precisely because of the presence of that social media brand.


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