JESC 2024 Highlights Junior Eurovision

Official: Spain will host the Junior Eurovision in 2024

Official: Spain will host the Junior Eurovision in 2024 Image credits: © Corinne Cumming / EBU

It’s official: Spain will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) 2024. Last year, France won for the second consecutive time, and although the winning country has the first refusal to host the following edition, this year was different. The host city and dates will be revealed later.

The broadcaster France Télévisions decided to hand over the organization, and thus will not host the contest for the third time in four years. The opportunity then passed to the Spanish broadcaster RTVE, as Spain placed second in the JESC 2024. And it was accepted.

Speaking to the event’s official website, Spain’s Head of Delegation and JESC Steering Group member, Ana María Bordas, said: “RTVE welcomes with great enthusiasm EBU’s [European Broadcasting Union] invitation for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2024 to be held in Spain. For RTVE, hosting the next JESC is another step in the effort that the public broadcaster has made in recent years to promote Eurovision in Spain and give more relevance to our music. From now on, RTVE will work closely with the EBU and the Steering Group to organize the best JESC possible. We will employ our best creative, technical and human resources to offer a festival designed for young artists in a festive and safe environment”.

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