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Official: Angelina Mango will represent Italy at Eurovision 2024

Official: Angelina Mango will represent Italy at Eurovision 2024 Image: Screen capture RAI 1

It’s confirmed: Angelina Mango is Italy’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024. The artist won the Sanremo Festival this Saturday with the song La noia.

The Italian contest grants the winner the right to represent the country at ESC, but contestants who wish to do so must have formally and in advance expressed that desire. And it’s never certain until the usual winner’s press conference.

At this press conference held this Sunday, Angelina Mango was asked if she wants to participate in ESC 2024. The answer was short but clear: “Yes, I want!”. she said.

The singer from Maratea also talked about how she approached the Sanremo Festival, without any expectations, and admitted that the ESC is a surprise: “I didn’t expect anything that happened, I have to be honest. I didn’t even believe it when I saw myself on the list of participants in the Festival. But I tried to live every moment without too many expectations and without much pressure. […]. This Eurovision caught me very off guard because I had no expectations at all”.

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