Are you interest or passionated about Eurovision? Do you like to write and don’t want to be just another fan? So, we challenge you to join us at eFestivalEN. Contact us at this email address:

As a small project taking its first steps, we are not in a position to remunerate collaborations, but we also do not require any commitment in terms of hours, travel or quantity of articles produced. Whoever joints the team just need to write and collaborate when they want, from where they want and when they are available.

Our only demand is: a rigorous and ethical approach in any written post, and also in the way to integrate within the team – we don’t demand any minimums, but we like someone who commits to anything to fulfil it. By this, we mean that we will not ask anyone for a commitment to follow ‘event X«, but whoever compromises themselves to follow it must comply out of respect for the other collaborators and people responsible for eFestivalEN.