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Malmö would refuse to host the Eurovision Song Contest again

Malmö would refuse to host the Eurovision Song Contest again Photo credits: © Corinne Cumming / EBU

The 2024 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) left negative marks, and the host city Malmö does not want to host the event again.

Several delegations want to meet with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to discuss the incidents that occurred during the event – many of them related to political reasons and the presence of Israel.

An official announcement from the Swedish city, quoted by the website, made it clear the dissatisfaction with what happened, particularly regarding security costs, so Malmö rejects hosting the ESC again:

– We cannot say that we had a good year, but it was not bad either. It was a year with enough intensity that cost us dearly to guarantee the safety of participants, as well as visitors. If Sweden wins next year and offers us the hosting of the contest, we will definitely refuse. We do not have the strength and stamina to host the contest again”.

Malmö hosted the ESC three times: besides this year, the other occasions were in 2013 and 1992. Gotemburg and Stockholm have also been home to the event in Sweden.

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