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Apart from seventh place in 2019 and a few other exceptions, North Macedonia has rarely achieved good results at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). But the contry’s public broadcaster is determined to reverse the trend and improve the final classifications.

According to the website, Macedonian head of delegation, Meri Popova, presented a detailed report to improve the results, by request of the programming direction at the MRT. In that document, various aspects are outlined topic by topic in order to make North Macedonia stronger at the ESC.

First of all, it stresses that it is essential to have a long-term and clear strategy, with timely preparation, including an early decision on the selection method and the working group in charge of working on participation. On the other hand, it is considered necessary to increase the delegation, in order to provide it with more professionals who can have a greater dedication to the ESC and giving the group greater stability.

Naturally, for this type of measures, Meri Popova considers it essential to¬†increase the MRT’s budget for the ESC, also ensuring economic stability… and taking advantage with adequate and optimized plans in terms of marketing and promotion in order to reap the economic benefits of being present at the ESC. In addition, it is understood that a public relations committee must be implemented to coordinate the preparations between the different stakeholders.

This analysis was not consensual in the MRT’s programming direction, with some considering it insufficient. But, in general, there was a good reception. However, it is also understood that Meri Popova’s analysis of North Macedonia’s participation in the ESC is not totally objective. It was requested a second report to be prepared by broadcaster’s management on the working of the Eurovision delegation with an external vision.

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