e from Eurovision, from eclectic, from ethics. These are the three pillars that guide e-FestivalCOM. Created in 2019 (in Portuguese) and 2022 (in English) as a project made by a fan trained in journalism and with a profession in the media area, our website has the Eurovision Song Contest as its motto and strives for professionalism.

We do not fail to bring you information on the most diverse aspects directly or indirectly related to the event and also about music, ensuring the eclecticism of the information transmitted, as well as the promotion of related artists.

We also propose ourselves to present and bring you different types of content, not being a website just with text, which in the digital world of fast information isn’t always the most effective way to communicate. Because we want to be adapted to an environment that is constantly changing.

Ethics and rigor are fundamental pillars of any informative media, wheter made by fans like us, or by professionals. As such, we are committed to an ethical and impartial treatment of all information, of any kind. Thus, opinion and news/facts are well separated spaces in e-FestivalCOM, whose moto is Eurovisive news a click away.



Bernardo Matias – founder, editor and writer.