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Vicky Leandros will end her musical career next year

Vicky Leandros will end her musical career next year Image credits: Stefan Brending/Wikimedia Commons

Vicky Leandros announced the end of her musical career next year. The singer represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) two times and won it in 1972.

In an interview with Bild newspaper, Vicky Leandros confirmed that she plans to retire in autumn 2023, stating: “I think it’s time to stop. I turned 70 in the summer. That’s when you start thinking about the finiteness of life. Eventually, it has to be over”.

Before saying «goodbye» to the stages, the artist will have a farewell tour in October 2023. «Ich liebe das Leben!» will visit several cities in Germany and ends on October 26 in Vienna (Austria).

The name of the tour has a meaning beyond the song with the same title, according to Vicky Leandros: “My view of the future is thoroughly positive. That’s why my farewell tour is called «Ich liebe das Leben!» [«I love life»]. There is so much beauty and encouragement in the title”.

Throughout her career, the singer recorded more than 70 albums and 175 singles. She won numerous awards in addition to Gold and Platinum for disc sales.

The tickets for Vicky Leandro’s farewell tour can be purchased here.

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