ESC 2024 Secondary highlights Eurovision Song Contest

Switzerland won the Press Poll of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2024

Switzerland won the Press Poll of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2024 Picture credits: © EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

The first dress rehearsal of the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 took place this Wednesday, and once again, the accredited press was invited to participate in a poll. Switzerland was the winning country.

The initiative comes from the website, with the participation of e-FestivalCOM. Each outlet was invited to chose their three favourites. Accumulating a total of 40 points, the winner was Switzerland, with the song The Code by Nemo.

In second place, with 34 points, was Norway (Gåte, Ulveham), while the third place was closed by Greece (Marina Satti, ZARI) with 33 points just like Georgia (Nutsa BuzaladzeFire Fighter).

If this poll determined the final results, the eliminations would be, in this order, between 11th and 16th, Israel, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Albania.


Results of the Press Poll on the Semi-Final 2 of Eurovision 2024

(Click on the song titles to listen to it)

  1. Switzerland/Nemo: The Code – 40 points
  2. Norway/Gåte: Ulveham – 34 points
  3. Greece/Marina Satti: ZARI – 33 points
  4. Georgia/Nutsa Buzaladze: Fire Fighter – 33 points
  5. Malta/Sarah Bonnici: Loop – 17 points
  6. Armenia/Ladaniva: Jako – 17 points
  7. San Marino/Megara: 11:11 – 16 points
  8. Czechia/Aiko: Pedestal – 12 points
  9. Netherlands/Joost Klein: Europapa – 12 points
  10. Belgium/Mustii: Before the Party’s Over – 11 points
  11. Israel/Eden Golan: Hurricane – 10 points
  12. Austria/Kaleen: We Will Rave – 9 points
  13. Latvia/Dons: Hollow – 9 points
  14. Estonia/5MIINUST x Puuluup: (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – 6 points
  15. Denmark/Saba: Sand – 3 points
  16. Albania/Besa: TiTAN – 2 points
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