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The names of the groups and titles of competing songs of the Junior Songfestival 2022, selection of theĀ NetherlandsĀ for theĀ Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC)Ā are already known.

The announcement came in a behind-the-scenes video of the postcard recordings and official photos, and small snippets of each song were also revealed.

Luna is a soloist, while the names of the three groups were chosen by Junior Songfestival’s followers on Instagram and TikTok. The Dutch show will be held on September 24.

Participants in the Junior Songfestival 2022 and song titles

  • High5:Ā Because I Know
  • Infinity:Ā Never Ever
  • Luna:Ā La festa
  • MixedUp:Ā It Doesnā€™t Matter
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