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Angelina Mango emerged as the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2024

Angelina Mango emerged as the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2024 Image: Screen capture RAI 1

Angelina Mango is the big winner of the Sanremo Festival 2024, with the song La noia. At this point, it is still not clear whether she will accept to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), as the regulations grant the right if the acceptance has been expressed in advance.

At the beginning of the gala, hosted by Amadeus and the always entertaining Rosario Fiorello, the Banda Musicale dell’Esercito Italiano performed the Italian anthem, as tradition dictates. Then, the ranking of the week up to that moment was announced. Geolier was the leader, ahead of Angelina Mango. But everything could change with the votes throughout the broadcast.

Renga Nek were the first to perform, while Rose Villain closed the order of the competing performances. In between, the gala was filled with music and show, with renowned guests taking the stage. One such guest was Gigliola Cinquietti, who sang the song with which she represented Italy in the ESC 1964: Non ho l’età.

After the performances, the televoting lines were closed, and the ranking from 30th to sixth place was announced. The top five moved on to the second round of voting: Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Geolier, Ghali and Irama.

As in the first round, everything was decided by the press jury (TV and radio) accounting for 33 percent, the radio jury with a weight of 33 percent, and the public accounting for 34 percent.

Before the results, the winners of the special awards were revealed: for the best Lyrics, (Fiorella Manoia) and the best Composition (Angelina Mango)

At the end of the show, the emotions peaked with the announcement of the results. Angelina Mango was the winner with the song La noia by scoring 40.3% in the sum of all the votations.



(Click on the song titles to watch the performances)


1.º Angelina Mango – La noia (40.3% total / 16.1% televote)
2.º Geolier – I’ p’ me, tu p’ te (25.2% total / 60% televote)
3.º Annalisa – Sinceramente (17.1% total / 8% televote)
4.º Ghali – Casa mia (10.5% total / 8.3% televote)
5.º Irama – Tu no (6.9% total / 7.5% televote)


6th. Mahmood – Tuta gold
7th. Loredana Bertè – Pazza
8th. Il Volo – Capolavoro
9th. Alessandra Amoroso – Fino a qui
10th. Alfa – Vai!
11th. Gazzelle – Tutto qui
12th. Il Tre – Fragili
13th. Diodato – Ti muovi
14th. Emma – Apnea
15th. Fiorella Mannoia – Mariposa
16th. The Kolors – Un ragazzo, una ragazza
17th. Mr. Rain – Due altalene
18th. Santi Francesi – L’amore in bocca
19th. Negramaro – Ricominciamo tutto
20th. Dargen D’Amico – Onda al
21st. Ricchi e Poveri – Ma non tutta la vita
22nd. BigMama – La rabbia non ti basta
23rd. Rose Villain – Click Boom!
24th. Clara – Diamanti grezzi
25th. Renga Nek – Pazzo di te
26th. Maninni – Spettacolare
27th. La Sad – Autodistruttivo
28th. Bnkr44 – Governo punk
29th. Sangiovanni – Finiscimi
30th. Fred De Palma – Il cielo non ci vuole



  • Critics’ Award Mia Martini: Loredana Bertè – Pazza
  • Sergio Bardotti Award for the best Lyrics: Fiorella Manoia – Mariposa (lyrics by F. Manoia, C. Di Francesco, Cheope, F. Abbate and M. Cerri)
  • Lucio Dalla Award Press Room Radio/TV/Web: Angelina Mango – La noia
  • Lunezia Award for Musical-Literary value: Negramaro – Ricominciamo tutto
  • Giancarlo Bigazzi for the Best Musical Composition: Angelina Mango – La noia (Music by A. Mango, Dardust e Madame)
  • Enzo Jannacci NuovoIMAIE Award for the Best Performance: Clara – Diamanti Grezzi
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