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Mimicat: “I have zero expectations for the final”

Mimicat: “I have zero expectations for the final” Image credits: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Mimicat qualified yesterday for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023, representing Portugal with the song Ai Coração. Thus, the singer has made her country proud with the achievement and now will face the final next Saturday with no expectations.

Asked if she realized how proud Portugal is of this result, the artist said in a press conference that that was one of hear goals: “The goal to me was to come here… well, Eurovision was never a goal to me, I have to say. My thing was to go to Festival da Canção, that was my realistic goal and I never thought I would came here. It was actually this big surprise. But I wasn’t a Eurovision fan, I didn’t know where I was getting myself into. But once I knew I had to come to this and there was like this pre-party world, a lot of things going on, and always a crazy bubble of fans and love coming our way, and all these messages and all that… I knew I had to make my people proud; that’s the main goal: we have to be proud of what we do on stage. And we’re really strong performers: I have four of the best dancers in Portugal with me, they’re amazing and they make me feel super powerful. So, I think it’s very important to have people that just get you through and take the best out of you, and I have that luck. So, we’re very proud Portuguese people, we’re proud of our country, we’re proud of our people, of the way we are, the way we speak, the way we do things – we’re very passionate, very emotional. And if I make my people proud, thats a two-in-one because it was I wanted: I wanted to make us proud and make the country proud. Thank you very much. Obrigada, Portugal, Obrigada a todos [Thank you Portugal, thank you all]”.

Regarding her expectations for the grand final, Mimicat assured that she has no expectations “Aabout the expectations for the final, I’m sorry: I have zero expectations for the final because my goal was to get to the final. Just doing the best I can again, just having fun with the process. And this is amazing. We had this discussion with my delegation: last year, or the other years, they haven’t seen like a connection between the artists like we have this year. It was amazing; we’ve made a lot of good friends and I know that we gonna following up on each other after this, so this is magical, it’s really a joy to do it. It’s a really good ride”.

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