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Loreen will perform at the Eurovision 2024 grand final

Loreen will perform at the Eurovision 2024 grand final Picture credits: © Corinne Cumming / EBU

Loreen, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 has been confirmed as a guest performer in this year’s grand final, scheduled for Saturday, May 11th.

No details have been revealed other than it being an “extra-special performance”. The artist, who has led Sweden to victory twice, stated on the event’s official website:

– I’m thrilled to be performing at this year’s Eurovision final in Malmö. It will be an emotional one. You make me feel like forever and truly blow me away every single time. This performance is dedicated to you, the community and fans who constantly give me love. Consider this my heartfelt gift to you”.

Traditionally, the winner of the previous year’s ESC performs in the final, singing the song with which they won. In Loreen’s case, that was Tattoo.

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