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Interview with Zlata Dziunka: “My song is a prayer to God about all the grief caused do Ukraine by the war”

Interview with Zlata Dziunka: “My song is a prayer to God about all the grief caused do Ukraine by the war” Image credits: EBU / Corinne Cumming

Ukraine is participating at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) 2022, being represented by Zlata Dziunka.

The 14-year-old artist sings the song Nezlamna (Unbreakable), which contains an important message in a year marked by war in her country due to the invasion by Russia.

The e-FestivalCOM website spoke exclusively with Zlata Dziunka, in an interview in which you can get to know better the singer and the song, as well as her expectations for JESC 2022. Read everything below.


Interview with Zlata Dziunka

e-FestivalCOM (e-FCOM): I will start the interview asking you to introduce yourself: what are your hobbies, how did you become interested in music, what are your favorite genres to listen and to sing, what are your musical inspirations?
Zlata Dziunka (ZD): “Hi, I am Zlata Dziunka. I like singing, playing the ukulele and baking pastry. When I was in the kindergarten, my older sister practiced signing and I would listen to her. I wanted to try it myself so my mother took me to singing classes. I like listening to Adele, Billie Eilish, Lana del Ray, Skryabin, Okean Elzy, Odyn V Kanoe”.

e-FCOM: How are you living this experience of representing your country in such a big contest? What do you feel about representing Ukraine?
ZD: “I am nervous but really want to deliver the message of my song to a wider international audience because it is very important to us”.

e-FCOM: I read in JESC’s official website that you already performed at many international festivals and contests. How are these experiences helping you for JESC?
ZD: “I get more confident on stage and not nervous before performing”.

e-FCOM: This year your country won the «adult» Eurovision. How did you feel when Kalush Orchestra won last May?
ZD: “I was sitting in front of the TV and keeping my fingers crossed because I really wanted Ukraine to win. When Ukraine won I was very happy”.

e-FCOM: Let’s talk about your song, Nezlamna: what are the messages and the meanings of it?
ZD: “My song is a prayer to God about all the grief caused to my country by the war. At the same time, it is a dedication to all Ukrainians that haven’t broken despite all the hardships. My people are strong and free, so am I. I hope that my song can lift the spirits of Ukrainians, give strength to support one another, and I look forward to peace coming back to Ukraine”.

e-FCOM: You wrote the lyrics of your song. What were your inspirations to write it?
ZD: “First of all, I wrote the song not by myself but together with my vocal coach ILLARIA. I shared my thoughts with my coach and thus we decided to make this song”.

e-FCOM: No spoilers: what can we expect from your staging next Sunday?
ZD: “We prepared a performance that will highlight the message of my song. I will be alone on the stage but I hope that my voice and my song will reach many hearts all over Europe”.

e-FCOM: Last, but not the least: this is your interview, so you have now all the time to send some message you want to your Portuguese and international fans.
ZD: “I want to wish all of you peace first and foremost. I hope that you will enjoy my song and performance and support me with your votes”.

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