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e-FestivalCOM is the new website about Eurovision in English

e-FestivalCOM is the new website about Eurovision in English

More than three years after its creation, e-FestivalPT takes the next step and is now going international with the new totally in English language.

The project has been developed in the last few months and also features the new design, with the new logotype (key colors are maintained, with the rainbow inspired by the TV test card).

The English website is live available for some weeks now, but we mark the official launch this Friday, December 9th, just before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In this post, we give you these news and we also summarize the key features and the design of our website… which purpose is to bring you all the news and information about Eurovision and related to the Eurovision world.


Social media


General features

  • Built-in dark mode, selectable via a toggle switch in header area
  • Responsive design, in order to be optimized on all devices (in the future, the AMP version will be implemented specifically for mobile devices)
  • Categories identified by colors
  • Easy and intuitive navigation, with well-defined sections
  • Search widget in the header, and, within the articles, you also have a search box next to the text
  • Comments below articles, after the area reserved to the categories and information about the author
  • «Related articles» area, below each article
  • «Back to top» arrow on any page type, in the lower right corner
  • Notifications’ button (inside the articles) in red in the lower left corner (it will be implemented in the next few days)


Home page

  • Area 1: Fixed top bar with the most recent articles and the current date (in all the website)
  • Area 2: Header (in all the websĂ­te)
    • Dark mode toggle switch, highlighted by the yellow rectangle in the gallery below
    • Social media icons
    • Main menu
  • Area 3: «Slider» with the four main highlights on the website at a particular moment
    • Floating main menu, having always a fast access to it (only available in computer)
    • New main articles area, with the three most recent posts in four different categories
      • Permanent: Secondary highlights and Latest (all categories)
      • Rotating: Posts about the major Eurovision or related events (at the moment, JESC 2022 and ESC 2023)
    • To the right, the Facebook feed (only in computer)
  • Area 4:
    • In the center, more articles (all categories)
    • To the left, the Eurovision calendar of the month
    • To the right, Twitter feed (only in computer) and countdowns for the next major events
    • In the end, there is the option to access “All articles”, which opens a page in which all the articles are loaded, from all the categories and anytime
  • Area 5: Multimedia area, in which you can access faster to the most recent articles containing video/audio/gallery/infographics and other multimedia.



  • Area 1:
    • Categories, title, author/date/number of comments/estimated reading time
    • Featured image
    • On the right, search field and recent articles
  • Area 2: Tags + information about the author
  • Area 3:
    • Previous/next articles
    • Commentary box (via WordPress or Facebook)
  • Area 4: Related articles (still undergoing some tweaks)



  • The categories present a list of articles, in two columns with image, title, author/date, excerpt and «read more» button, being paginated (you can change pages at the end of the set of loaded articles);
  • As inside the articles, on the right side there is a search bar and the list of the most recent posts

«All articles» page

  • At the end of Area 4 of the homepage you can find the button to load «All articles». This enables you to access to a list in three columns with all the articles on the website with image, date, title and excerpt
  • Nine articles are loaded each time, and in the end there is a button to «Load more», what means that nine more articles are loaded


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