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Fazla works to Bosnia and Herzegovina return to the Eurovision in 2024

Fazla works to Bosnia and Herzegovina return to the Eurovision in 2024 Image credits: jorono by Pixabay

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been absent from the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) since 2016, due to the debts of the public broadcaster. However, Fazla, the country’s first representative, is working towards a return in 2024.

In an interview with The Euro Trip podcast, the artist explained that, despite striving for Bosnia’s return, there have been big political hurdles:

– I am strongly working on it, The problem we have right now in our government at a national level [is that] we have two political parties – Croatian Democratic Union and Serbian National Social Democrats – who are refusing to finance anything that carries the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are two secessionist parties and unfortunately for the last four years we have not been able to raise the funds through the regular means, through national television, to go and compete”.

Fazla believes that in 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina could return to the ESC, if there is a political change: “If not 2023, 2024 for sure if we [Democratic Front–Civic Alliance, om which he is an adviser] become part of the national government. If my party became part of that national government, that is one of the issues I’m going to be strongly working on: making sure Bosnia is back part of Eurovision”.

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