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All contestants of the Melodifestivalen 2023 were revealed

All contestants of the Melodifestivalen 2023 were revealed Image credits: Collage SVT

The line-up of the¬†Melodifestivalen 2023 is now closed. The event will select the¬†Sweden’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest¬†(ESC).

This Wednesday, the 14 remaining contestants were revealed. They will start in the third and fourth heats. There are more returning artists, one of them particularly relevant: Loreen, the winner of the ESC 2012 for Sweden. Now, she will sing the song Tattoo.

Laurell, who is participating as a singer, was songwriter of six songs at ESC in the past: Stones (Switzerland, 2018); Sister (Germany, 2019), She Got Me (Switzerland, 2019), Bigger Than Us (United Kingdom, 2019), Empires (Poland, 2020) and El Diablo (Cyprus, 2021).

Melodifestivalen 2023 will have four heats, one semi-final (Second chance) and the grand final, from February 4 to March 11.


Third heat (February 18, Lidköping)

  • Marcus & Martinus:¬†Air
    • Songwriters: Jimmy ¬ęJoker¬Ľ Th√∂rnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Marcus Gunnarsen, Martinus Gunnarsen
  • Melanie Wehbe: For The Show
    • Songwriters: David Lindgren Zacharias, Herman Gardarfve, Melanie Wehbe
  • Ida-Lova: L√•t hela stan se p√•
    • Songwriters: Andreas ‚ÄĚGiri‚ÄĚ Lindbergh, Ida-Lova Lind, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb
  • Paul Rey: Royals
    • Songwriters: Dino Medanhodzic, Jimmy ¬ęJoker¬Ľ Th√∂rnfeldt, LIAMOO, Paul Rey
  • Nordman: Sl√§pp alla sorger
    • Songwriters: Jimmy Jansson, Thomas G:son
  • Laurell: Sober
    • Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Andreas Stone Johansson, Laurell Barker, Thomas Stengaard
  • Casanovas: S√• kommer k√§nslorna tillbaka
    • Songwriters: Henrik Sethsson, Mikael Karlsson


Fourth heat (February 25, Malmö)

  • Signe & Hj√∂rdis: Edelweiss
    • Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy Jansson, Myra Granberg
  • Axel Schylstr√∂m: Gorgeous
    • Songwriters: Axel Schylstr√∂m, Herman Gardarfve, Jonas Thander, Malin Halvardsson
  • Emil Henrohn: Mera mera mera
    • Songwriters: Emil Henrohn, Jakob Redtzer, Ji Nilsson, Marlene Stran
  • Mariette: One Day
    • Songwriters: Jimmy Jansson, Thomas G:son, Mariette
  • Smash Into Pieces: Six Feet Under
    • Songwriters: Andreas ‚ÄĚGiri‚ÄĚ Lindbergh, Benjamin Jennebo, Chris Adam, Jimmy ¬ęJoker¬Ľ Th√∂rnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Per Bergquist
  • Loreen: Tattoo
    • Songwriters: Jimmy ¬ęJoker¬Ľ Th√∂rnfeldt, Jimmy Jansson, Loreen, Moa ‚ÄĚCazzi Opeia‚ÄĚ Carlebecker, Peter Bostr√∂m, Thomas G:son
  • Kiana: Where Did You Go
    • Songwriters: Jimmy ¬ęJoker¬Ľ Th√∂rnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb


These were the first 14 participantes being announced:

First heat (February 4, Gotemburgo)

  • Victor Crone:¬†Diamond
    • Songwriters: David Lindgren Zacharias, Peter Kvint, Victor Crone
  • Rejhan:¬†Haunted
    • Songwriters: Albin Johns√©n, Mattias Andr√©asson, Pontus S√∂derman, Tilde RONIA Wrigsell
  • Loulou LaMotte:¬†Inga sorger
    • Songwriters: Jonas Thander, Loulou LaMotte
  • Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos:¬†L√§nge leve livet
    • Songwriters: Emil Vaker, Henric Pierroff, Kalle Rydberg
  • Elov & Beny:¬†Raggen g√•r
    • Songwriters: Johan Werner, Kristian Wejshag, Mattias Elovsson, Oscar Kilenius, Tim Larsson
  • Tone Sekelius:¬†Rhythm Of My Show
    • Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Dino Medanhodzic, Jimmy ‚ÄúJoker‚ÄĚ Th√∂rnfeldt, Tone Sekelius
  • Jon Henrik Fj√§llgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods:¬†Where You Are (S√°veŇĺan)
    • Songwriters: Arc North, Calle Hellberg, Jon Henrik Fj√§llgren, Joy Deb, Oliver Belvelin, Richard L√§sth, Tobias Lundgren, William Segerdahl


Second heat (February 11, Linköping)

  • Wiktoria:¬†All My Life (Where Have You Been)
    • Songwriters: Herman Gardarfve, Melanie Wehbe, Patrik Jean, Wiktoria Johansson
  • Eden:¬†Comfortable
    • Songwriters: Benjamin Rosenbohm, Eden Alm, Emil Adler Lei, Julie Aagaard
  • Uje Brandelius:¬†Grytan
    • Songwriter: Uje Brandelius
  • THEOZ:¬†Mer av dig
    • Songwriters: Axel Schylstr√∂m, Jakob Redtzer, Peter Bostr√∂m, Thomas G:son
  • Maria Sur:¬†Never Give Up
    • Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Laurell Barker
  • Tennessee Tears:¬†No I Know
    • Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Jonas Hermansson, Thomas Stengaard, Tilda Feuk
  • Panetoz:¬†On My Way
    • Songwriters: Anders Wigelius, Daniel Nzinga, Jimmy Jansson, Nebeyu Baheru, Njol Badjie, Pa Modou Badjie, Robert Norberg
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