ESC 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Dons: “Every country in the world deserves to be free”

Dons: “Every country in the world deserves to be free” Picture credits: © EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

Latvia has achieved its first qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) final since 2016, thanks to Dons with the song Hollow.

At the press conference following the second semi-final, the artist made a point of sharing a message calling for the freedom of countries: “We are the only country in the world that is in the shape of a butterfly. A butterfly symbolizes hope and freedom, because to be a butterfly, you have to fly and you have to be free. And every country in the world deserves to be free”.

Although Dons does not directly refer to any specific situation, it is certain that this is currently a topic of discussion – especially due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since 2022 and the conflict between Israel and Palestine that escalated following Hamas attacks last October.

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