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Croatia’s selection for Eurovision 2023 set to have two semifinals

Croatia’s selection for Eurovision 2023 set to have two semifinals Image credits: EBU / Nathan Reinds

Dora, Croatia’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 is set to have news in its format, including the introduction of two semifinals.

This is what Croatian head of delegation, Tomislav Štengl, revealed in an interview with Music Pub Zlatka Turkalja on HR2, stating: “The intention is to have more evenings, to have more songs in this selection, a maximum of 28. Therefore, we would have two semifinals”.

On the other hand, the participating songs will be released earlier than in the previous years. The artists will need to make a music video or a lyric video for their songs.

At the moment, with the submission window opened until November 20, the Croatian broadcaster HRT is actively appealing to the artists to apply, said Tomislav Štengl who revealed a goal: “This year we are in negotiations to find ways to motivate singers and composers. We want to have some kind of financial rewards. Whoever wins will have their performance in Dora and their financial stake in everything they had to invest in order to perform covered by HRT”.

And, according to the Croatia’s head of delegation, the news doesn’t stop here. HRT is planning to present the songs to the public in special TV shows dedicated to Dora 2023.

As in the previous years, Dora will be held at Opatija in February 2023. The specific dates are not yet known.

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