Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2023

Brunette could represent Armenia at Eurovision 2023

Brunette could represent Armenia at Eurovision 2023 Image source: Instagram @brunette_e_

BrunetteĀ is speculated to representĀ Armenia at theĀ Eurovision Song ContestĀ (ESC)Ā 2023. The country has not released many details about its selection process so far.

According to the Armenian website Hraparak,Ā Brunette may have already been selected. Already last year she had been rumoured as one of the possible candidates do defend the country.Ā Back kapuyt achqerdĀ is one of the young singer’s greatest hits, with nearly five million views on YouTube.

As for Brunette’s song, it could be in the R&B genre. TheĀ release is set to take place at the end of February. However, for now, there is no official information from Armenia’s public broadcaster, AMPTV.

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