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Bambie Thug says they was given an ultimatum by the EBU due to their message of support for Palestine.

Bambie Thug says they was given an ultimatum by the EBU due to their message of support for Palestine. Picture credits: © EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

Representing Ireland with the song Doomsday Blue, Bambie Thug is among the contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 who have shown the most support for Palestine – which has been facing an invasion and war from Israel since last October. So much so that, in their outfit, they applied makeup with hidden messages against the conflict in the Middle East… but had to remove them under the threat of not being able to perform.

That’s what they revealed when they wrote on social media: “After my first dress rehearsal I was asked to remove both «Free Palestine» and «ceasefire» in ogham from my outfit. My delegation and I fought against this and the EBU eventually agreed to letting «ceasefire» remain”.

However, Bambie Thug received an ultimatum a few minutes before the semi-final: “About an hour before my call time I was informed that they had an internal meeting and «ceasefire» was no longer acceptable, and if I didn’t remove this I would not be allowed on stage”.

Something they regrets, emphasizing their position on the matter:  “I am pro justice and pro peace and this will never change, I only hope with a platform I can reach more peoples ears. My heart and prayers are with the people of Palestine #eyesonrafah🇵🇸 and to be clear being pro Palestinian does not mean I am antisemitic, it means I am anti war, anti occupation, anti oppression and anti killing of innocent civilians and children!! Everyone born into this world should have the right to a home, safety, water, food, freedom and compassion. We must continue to strive to lead with love and look past our differences and remember that under our skin we are one human race and one spirit. Wake up world, it is never too late to regain your conscience and admit that change must be made in the name of love”.

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