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Zurich studies a possible bid to host Eurovision 2025

Zurich studies a possible bid to host Eurovision 2025 Picture credits: © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

Another city shows interest in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2025 in Switzerland. Now, Zurich admits that it may consider submitting a bid.

The city executive told the Keystone-ATS agency that the potential bid is being studied in coordination with the SSR broadcaster and is a “high priority” matter. Contacts began even before Nemo secured the Swiss victory last Saturday.

This Monday, the city of Zurich held a meeting regarding the ESC and already congratulated Nemo for the victory with the song The Code. The two largest indoor arenas in Zurich are the Hallenstadion hosting up until 14.000 people and the Swiss Life Arena with a capacity of 12.000 seats.

So far, only Geneva has officially submitted its bid to host the ESC 2025, proposing the Palexpo, which has a capacity of about 15,000 seats. Basel claims to be ready for the event and intends to explore the possibility, while in Saint Gallen, the director of the Olma agricultural fair suggests the new Olma pavilion as the venue for ESC 2025. The decision is expected to be made in September.

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