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RTVE denies Spain’s result at Eurovision 2024 was a “failure”: “Success is a cumulation of many things”

RTVE denies Spain’s result at Eurovision 2024 was a “failure”: “Success is a cumulation of many things” Picture credits: © Corinne Cumming / EBU

Spain finished in 22nd place at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024, receiving 30 points (19 from the jury and 11 from the public). This result fell short of the expectations surrounding the song Zorra by Nebulossa and was the country’s worst performance since 2021.

Upon the delegation’s return to Madrid, a press conference was held to reflect on the outcome. Quoted by, vocalist Mery Bas said: “On the day of the performance, we wanted it to be dignified. I am very much a perfectionist and still see things to improve, but the feelings were very good”.

Her duo partner, Mark Dasousa, admitted that the result was irrelevant compared to what they gained from participating: “Saying that the score didn’t matter to us isn’t entirely true. Of course, we wanted to do well, but we aren’t competitive people and we learned a lot. [A good result would have] given you back all the support we received, but we realized we didn’t care. People liked the song and the whole process. We united in this, defended it with great pride, had fun, and learned a lot”.

RTVE, the broadcaster, also denied that the result was a failure. María Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation, commented, “No one in Spain should consider it a failure. Success in its fullness is a cumulation of many things. Spain’s entry received the highest score in recognition. You are the winners of all this”.

The head of delegation, Ana María Bordas, highlighted Nebulossa’s evolution during their ESC participation: “Throughout all the rehearsals, Mery kept growing on stage. The moment when she held the microphone out to the audience will go down in history. In the viewing room, I was told they had never seen anything like it. It became an anthem in Europe”.

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