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What do some of the favorites to win in Sanremo say about representing Italy in Eurovision 2024?

What do some of the favorites to win in Sanremo say about representing Italy in Eurovision 2024? Image: Screen capture RAI 1

The Sanremo Festival 2024 grants the winner the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). However, interested artists must express officially in advance to the broadcaster RAI that they accept this, so it is not certain from the outset that the winner will go to Malmö.

What do some of the main contenders for victory in Sanremo say about the possibility of representing Italy in ESC 2024? The website e-FestivalCOM went searching and brings you here the reactions of four of the artists who were in the top five of the classification before the final night.


In a video published by the news agency ANSA, Annalisa talked about the possibility of going to ESC: “It would be fantastic. It would be truly fantastic. There have already been some good reactions from abroad. However, regardless of everything, I am very happy”.

Quoted by, Geolier stated: “There are several songs in Italian and Neapolitan that have reached the whole world, like Volare or O Sole Mio. Surely I p’ me tu p’ te is not Volare or O Sole Mio, but I would be happy to go to Eurovision in Neapolitan”.

Quoted by Io Donna at a press conference, Angelina Mango left some doubts: “Honestly, I don’t even see myself on the stage of Sanremo, let alone at Eurovision, it’s a very distant thing. I can’t see myself. English, Italian, that’s already a lot to sing”.

According to the website EuroFestivalNews, Ghali directly hinted that he could go to ESC, stating: “I will use any available means to convey my message”. Ghali’s song, Casa mia, recounts a dialogue with an extraterrestrial who arrived on Earth and witnessed various wars and tragedies, thus having a strong impact on the current world.

Despite being only in eighth place before the final night, we also have to mention Loredana Bertè. The veteran was more unusual, but apparently confirmed that she wants to participate in ESC 2024: “Vote for me, I would like to go to Eurovision because it takes place in Malmö, so I will go there to annoy my ex-husband. And to have my revenge”, she said in a video published by the newspaper La Repubblica, referring to her failed marriage with the Swedish tennis player Björn Borg.

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