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Tickets for Eurovision 2024 on sale next Tuesday

Tickets for Eurovision 2024 on sale next Tuesday Image credits: Werner Nystrand/Folio/

A final list of participating countries has not yet been announced, but the first tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 will go on sale next Tuesday (November 28). The event will take place on May 7th, 9th, and 11th in Malmö, Sweden.

According to the official website, tickets for all nine shows will be available, starting at around 13 euros, and will be sold through the platform.

In addition to the two semi-finals and the live final, each of these events will also have two preview shows: the Evening Preview (Jury Show) and the Afternoon Preview (Family Show). These are general rehearsals that mirror the televised broadcasts but without revealing the results.


Tickets for the Eurovision 2024

  • Semi-finals Evening Preview das semifinais: 145 to 795 SEK (12.67 euros to 69.48 euros)
    • May 6: First semi-final Evening Preview
    • May 8: Second semi-final Evening Preview
  • Semi-finals Afternoon Preview das semifinais: 145 to 545 SEK (12.67 euros to 47.64 euros) 
    • May 7: First semi-final Afternoon Preview
    • May 9: Second semi-final Afternoon Preview
  • Live Semi-finals: 525 to 2.395 SEK (45.89 euros to 209.34 euros)
    • May 7: First semi-final live show
    • May 9: Second semi-final live show
  • Grand final Evening Preview, May 10: 525 to 2.395 SEK (45.89 euros to 209.34 euros)
  • Grand final Afternoon Preview, May 11: 145 to 1.385 SEK (12.67 euros to 121.06 euros)
  • Grand final live show, May 11: 860 to 3.795 SEK (75.17 euros to 331.71 euros)
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