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Surprise in Vidbir: SKYLERR withdrew from Ukraine’s selection for Eurovision 2024

Surprise in Vidbir: SKYLERR withdrew from Ukraine’s selection for Eurovision 2024 Image: Suspilne

After the problems with the voting app, SKYLERR withdrew from Vidbir 2024, Ukraine’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The artist participated with the song Time Is Running Out and, like all other contestants, performed in the live show yesterday. Due to the technical issues, the voting and the announcement of the results were postponed to Sunday afternoon (February 4).

However, on Sunday morning, she took to social media to announce her withdrawal. In a lengthy post, she stated: “This decision was difficult for me, but I am still about creativity, about music, about the stage, about the show, about work, about the song, about MY people, about you, about all of us. Everything that is happening now has nothing to do with this, and it has nothing to do with me. Unfortunately, the voting cannot be returned at the moment, and I trust the moment. Diia [the voting app] worked at night, in the morning it didn’t work again, as far as I know it’s working again. Votes could be counted incorrectly”.

SKYLERR understands that this is a flaw in a voting system that affects everyone, but she believes that the conditions for a transparent vote are not currently met. She mentioned: “I am not interested in participating in these PR races that have developed because of this situation, «Nemaye peremozhtsiv v tsʹomu marafoni» [«There are no winners in this marathon»] – the lyrics of my song are more relevant today than ever. I remain true to myself and my messages, to the meanings I conveyed, and my song conveyed”.

Finally, the singer expressed gratitude: “I want to write big words of gratitude to the ENTIRE TEAM that created this show, that created something incredible in such a difficult time… Suspilne, Pianoboy, Zavadiuk Volodymyr, Ruslan Makhov, it is impossible to identify more than 400 people, but you all know the creators, and I am very grateful to you. Special thanks to my team who worked on our performance for over a month, who are always there. […]. And a special thanks to my parents for the strength and confidence they instilled in me. To all loved ones, relatives who experienced and are experiencing! To all who read this, who cheered, who voted, who were with me. I lived this incredible stage with all of you. And thanks to the Armed Forces, boys, and girls, with whom we have the opportunity to go through, feel, and experience all of this. Slava Ukraini! [«Glory to Ukraine!»]”.

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