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Subwoolfer’s true identities finally revealed

Subwoolfer’s true identities finally revealed Image: Screen capture NRK 1

The final of the Melodi Grand Prix 2023 served as the motto for the long-awaited reveal of Subwoolfer’s identitiies.  The duo won the event last year and took Norway to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2022.

Premiering their new single Worst Kept Secret, Subwoolfer finally took off their masks. The duo consists of Ben Adams (from the boyband A1) and Gaute Ormåsen. It remains to be seen who DJ Astronaut is.

In a statement, Ben Adams said: “It’s been the weirdest year of our lives – and keeping ‘the worst kept secret in Norway’ has been challenging! From Alan Walker to Tix to Ylvis to other randoms, the rumor mill has been a wild ride. But we rode it. One question remains…..who is Dj Astronaut!? See you on the other side for Subwoolfer 2.0!”.

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