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Sanremo Festival 2023 winner represents Italy at Eurovision

Sanremo Festival 2023 winner represents Italy at Eurovision Image source: Twitter @Raiofficialnews

Presumably, the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2023 will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Altough the winner has that right, they must also express their desire to exercise it in advance.

In a press conference, the president of the Italian public broadcaster RAI, Marinella Soldi, said: “I want to start from the end: remember that whoever wins this wonderful week of celebration will go to the Eurovision Song Contest. […]. It is very beautiful to meet again everyone together and in an atmosphere that we had forgotten about in these years: an atmosphere of freedom, of joy, and one feels the liveliness of the moment”.

Without further details being revealed, it’s assumed that all 28 competitors have expressed their interest and availability to participate in ESC 2023 – since 2015, only once the winner of Sanremo rejected that opportunity.

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