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VIDEO: ‘Lieka Štuka’ is the new single from Citi Zēni

VIDEO: ‘Lieka Štuka’ is the new single from Citi Zēni Image credits: EBU / Corinne Cumming

Citi Zēni presented last week a novo single, entitled Lieka Štuka.

About a month and a week after defeding Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2022, the band returned to the musical releases, with another proposal that is, to say the least, irreverent.

Lieka Štuka started to be created about two years ago, but according Citi Zēni they waited  until the right moment to release it. Now the moment came in a context of high inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices, being a song that satirizes the value of money.

The music is by Roberts Memmēns and Toms Jēkabs Kagainis, while the lyrics are by Dagnis Roziņš. Get to know Lieka Štuka, available with the official videoclip and also in the digital streaming platforms.

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