ESC 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Luna won Poland’s selection for the Eurovision 2024 by a narrow margin

Luna won Poland’s selection for the Eurovision 2024 by a narrow margin Image: Universal Music Poland

Despite being an internal selection, the Polish broadcaster TVP revealed the detailed results of the voting that elected Luna and the song The Tower as Poland’s representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024.

The jury consisted of six members who evaluated the songs on a scale of 0 to 10 points. The jurors were Kasia Moś, Konrad Szczęsny, Łukasz Pieter, Michał Hanczak and Piotr Klatt.

Luna and the song The Tower scored 34 points, just one more than Justyna Steczkowska with the song WITCH-ER Tarohoro. Two songs tied for third place with 23 points.


Results of Poland’s selection for Eurovision 2024

(Click on the song titles to listen to the available ones)

1st. Luna – The Tower: 34 points


2nd Justyna Steczkowska – WITCH-ER Tarohoro: 33 points
3rd. LUC, Dagadana, Kayah, RBFO, Laboratorium Pieśni, Jesień: Tańcuj – 23 points
3rd. Marcin Maciejczak – Midnight Dreamer: 23 points
5th. Natasza Urbańska – Who We Are: 22 points
6th. Nita – Thunder: 19 points
7th. Bryska – Obca: 13 points
8th. Sasi & Blascello – Karma: 11 points
9th. Maciej Musiałowski – Znak: 10 points
10th. Karolina Wielgus – Kwiatuszek: 9 points
11th. Happy Prince – Insatiable: 8 points
11th. Izdeb – Duch: 8 points
11th. My Friend Casino – Enslave: 8 points
11th. Izabela Zabielska – Nowhere To Go: 8 points
11th. Krystyna Prońko – Tempus Fugit: 8 points
16th. Paulina Wróblewska – Dni: 6 points
16th. Krystian Embradora – Rebel: 6 points
18th. Koko Die – If I Could: 5 points
18th. Edyta Górniak – I Remember: 5 points
18th. Pan Savyan – W Kolorku Amaretto: 5 points
21st. Kuba and Kuba – światło: 4 points
21st. Piotr Odoszewski – dzień noc: 4 points
23rd. Sargis Davtyan – Balcony of our Love: 3 points

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