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Luna (Netherlands) and favoritism for JESC 2022 on social media: “It makes me happy, but it’s not important for the end”

Luna (Netherlands) and favoritism for JESC 2022 on social media: “It makes me happy, but it’s not important for the end” Luna, Países Baixos
Image credits: EBU / Corinne Cumming

Luna represents the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) 2022 with the song La Festa. The artist is seen as one of the potential candidates do win tomorrow in Yerevan.

During a digital press conference attented by e-FestivalCOM, the young singer, accompanied by the head of delegation Anja Zegwaard, answered to some questions of the attending media. First of all, we highlight the questions asked by our website:


e-FestivalCOM (e-FCOM): How are you living this experience of representing your country in such a big contest? What do you feel about representing The Netherlands?
Luna (L): “First, it’s really fun because you can meet other people from other countries. It’s so much fun! The EuroClub was really fun, you could have karaoke with each other – it was really fun! And with the dancers you have the practicing on the stage. And, just personally, I had vocal coaching and it’s just really funny to do!”.

e-FCOM Before the Junior Songfestival and the JESC, you participated at The Voice Kids. Did that experience help you prepare for the big contest?
L: “Yes, because you know how it is on the stage with a lots of people – because the season before the season I was in they had no people in the audience. So, it’s really nice I had audience so you can experience on a stage”.

e-FCOM: What can we expect from your staging next Sunday?
L: “It’s gonna be a really cool opening. And we have for the first part of the song, but we gonna keep it a little secret”.
Anja Zegwaard (AZ): “It’s not really a big secret because we will stay very close to our national final actually. So, you have seen that already. But, maybe… maybe some fireworks”.

During the same digital press conference, Luna was confronted with the fact she is being considered as one of the favourites on social media. The Dutch artist said it makes her happy, but doesn’t mean nothing for the result:

It makes me happy that people think: «Oh, she is really good». But I don’t think that it’s really important for the end – for which place you’re gonna end in. Because if a few people think that you need to win, it doesn’t mean you are going to win. So, I look at that and it makes me really happy, but I don’t think I am… I think I have chances – everyone has chances, because everyone has different songs and they are just really good. And I can’t wait to see everyone performing on stage. But I don’t think it means anything in the end [in terms of] places. But Mas it makes me feel very happy that people think: «She is really, really good»”.

Asked about her rehearsals, Luna said: “It was great! It was really cool to perform for the first time on the big stage. It was really cool to watch with all the lights and things behind you on the big screen.  Like, it was «La Festa», the moves, with all lights. We have a few decorations on stage. It’s really cool – like the lights and the tables”.

Anja Zegwaard completed: “We really tried to give the audience the feeling that Luna and her girls are in a «festa» [party]”.

Luna’s performance combines singing and dancing, and Anja Zegwaard highlighted the control the artist is able to have: “Every time that was something hard coming, she really trained to know when she breathes out and breathes in to go through the song. Because you could hardly hear in her singing how hard is to to both together. This girl knows how to control singing and dancing together”.

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