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Loredana Bertè starts Sanremo Festival 2024 in the lead

Loredana Bertè starts Sanremo Festival 2024 in the lead Image: Screen capture RAI 1

The grand celebration of Italian music began this Tuesday. The first night of the Sanremo Festival 2024 took place at the Ariston Theater, and the renowned Loredana Bertè was the top-voted contestant. The winner of the competition will have the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

The 30 contestants took to the stage, presenting their respective songs for the first time. The partial results were decided by the votes of the press room. At the end of the gala, only the top five were announced, in order, but without scores.

Loredana Bertè, with the song Pazza, was the winner ahead of one of the surprises of the night, Angelina Mango. They were followed by Annalisa, Diodato (winner in 2020), and Mahmood (winner in 2019 and 2022).

In addition to the contestants, several guests appeared on stage. Marco Mengoni, last year’s winner, co-hosted and also performed as a guest: he sang Due vite, the song with which he won in 2023, as well as a medley.

Although they didn’t perform on the main stage, Lazza and Tedua were also guests of the show, as well as ski athlete Federica Brignone and footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Toto Cutugno, who passed away last August and was one of the figures in Sanremo’s history, was also honored.

In the next two nights, only 15 of the 30 contestants will return to the stage each night, before the night of covers on Friday, where they will be accompanied by other artists. Then, on Saturday, on the final night, everyone will perform their respective songs in the competition again.



(Click on the song titles to watch the performances)

  • Top 5

1.º Loredana Bertè – Pazza
2.º Angelina Mango – La noia
3.º Annalisa – Sinceramente
4.º Diodato – Ti muovi
5.º Mahmood – Tuta gold


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