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Junior Eurovision 2023 is this Sunday: The essentials to follow and watch

Junior Eurovision 2023 is this Sunday: The essentials to follow and watch Image credits: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Today marks the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) 2023. The Palais Nikaïa in Nice, France, will host the event starting at 16:00 (CET time).

There are 16 countries competing, with Spain’s representative, Sandra Valero, opening the performances. The running order concludes with the Netherlands, represented by Sep & Jasmin.

Results will be determined equally by 50 percent from online voting by the public and the jury. Viewers can vote until the start of the show and for about a quarter of an hour after all the performances.

Get ready to follow the essentials of JESC 2023!

General information

  • Time: 16:00 (CET)
  • Venue: Palais Nikaïa (Nice, France)
  • Hosts: Olivier Minne e Laury Thillemann; Ophenya, digital ambassator
  • Guest acts: Lissandro, Amir, Valentina, Enzo
  • Online broadcast: Official YouTube channel
  • TV broadcast: Check on your country’s public broadcaster

Running order

(Click on song titles to watch the official music videos)

  1. Spain/Sandra Valero – Loviu
  2. Malta/Yulan – Stronger
  3. Ukraine/Anastasia Dymyd – Kvitka
  4. Ireland/Jessica McKean: Aisling
  5. United Kingdom/STAND UNIQU3 – Back To Life
  6. North Macedonia/Tamara Grujeska – Kaži mi, kaži mi koj
  7. Estonia/ARHANNA – Hoiame Kokku
  8. Armenia/Yan Girls:  Do It My Way
  9. Poland/Maja Krzyżewska – I Just Need a Friend
  10. Georgia/Anastasia & Ranina – Over The Sky
  11. Portugal/Júlia Machado – Where I Belong
  12. France/Zoé Clauzure – Cœur
  13. Albania/Viola Gjyzeli – Bota Ime
  14. Italy/Melissa & Ranya – Un Mondo Giusto
  15. Germany/FIA: Ohne Worte
  16. Netherlands/Sep & Jasmin – Holding On To You
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