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Jamala announces Ukraine’s votes at the Eurovision 2024 final

Jamala announces Ukraine’s votes at the Eurovision 2024 final Image credits: © NDR/André Kowalski

Jamala will have a brief participation at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024, as she will be the spokesperson for Ukraine’s votes. The artist won the contest in 2016 with the song 1944.

The Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne announced that Jamala will announce the jury votes in the grand final on May 11. It is the first time the singer will have this privilege.

In a release published on the Suspilne website, Jamala stated: “Eurovision is an incredible thing. It is even more than a university, a conservatory, a school with students you occasionally meet. This is a story in which, if you have found yourself once, you immediately become part of it. Therefore, being a spokesperson this year is also special for me. Although I have played various roles in these seven years, announcing the votes of my own country will be my first experience like this. Indeed, this is a great responsibility, it seems to me. Additionally, Sweden is a country that is close to me to some extent, which has a special place in my heart since 2016. I was not in Malmö, but I hope to feel this incredible atmosphere of the competition and the city itself through the live broadcast”.

Finally, the singer addressed the participants of ESC 2024: “I wish success to each participant […]. I wish everyone to represent their country with dignity!”.

This year, Ukraine will be represented by alyona alyona & Jerry Heil with the song Teresa & Maria. They will perform in the first semi-final, on May 7.

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