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Iceland’s participation in Eurovision 2024 is not yet certain

Iceland’s participation in Eurovision 2024 is not yet certain Image: Screen capture RÚV

Iceland has not yet decided whether it will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024. A week ago, the country chose Hera Björk as its representative with the song Scared of Heights, which won the national selection (Söngvakeppnin).

However, Israel’s participation is causing significant controversy, and last January, the broadcaster RÚV clarified that a definitive decision would only be made after the national final.

According to the website Vísir, Hera Björk has already been consulted, and the singer even previously stated that she intended to go to the ESC if she won Söngvakeppnin, as has happened. But at the moment no decision has been made yet.

However, due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, there is significant pressure for Iceland to withdraw if Israel participates. There is even a petition signed by 550 Icelandic musicians calling for this to happen.

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