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Full results of Eurovision 2024 revealed; Croatia and Israel won the semi-finals

Full results of Eurovision 2024 revealed; Croatia and Israel won the semi-finals Pictures credits: © EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

Shortly after the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024, the full results, including those of the semi-finals, were revealed.

In the first semi-final, Croatia (Baby Lasagna, Rim Tim Dagi Tim) took the victory with 177 points… just four more than Ukraine, which placed second with the song Teresa & Maria by alyona alyona & Jerry Heil.

Serbia was the last qualifier, finishing in tenth place, with only six points more than Australia, which placed 11th. In her return to the ESC, Hera Björk couldn’t take Iceland beyond last place with just three points.

The second semi-final saw Israel take the win with the song Hurricane by Eden Golan, totaling 194 points. This was 12 more than the Netherlands (Joost Klein, Europapa), before the disqualification that preceded the grand final.

In tenth place, Norway secured the last spot in the final by a slim margin of five points over the 11th-placed Czechia.



(Click on the song titles to watch the performances in the semi-finals)

  • Semi-final 1
    • Qualified
      • 1st. Croatia/Baby Lasagna: Rim Tim Tagi Dim – 177 points
      • 2nd. Ukraine/alyona alyona & Jerry Heil: Teresa & Maria – 173 points
      • 3rd. Ireland/Bambie Thug: Doomsday Blue – 124 points
      • 4th. Lithuania/Silvester Belt: Luktelk – 119 points
      • 5th. Luxembourg/Tali: Fighter – 117 points
      • 6th. Cyprus/Silia Kapsis: Liar – 67 points
      • 7th. Finland/Windows95man: No Rules! – 59 points
      • 8th. Portugal/iolanda: Grito – 58 points
      • 9th. SlovEnia/Raiven: Veronika – 51 points
      • 10th. Serbia/Teya Dora: Ramonda – 47 points
    • Eliminated


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