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Frida Gold withdraw from User Lied für Liverpool due to health issues

Frida Gold withdraw from User Lied für Liverpool due to health issues Image credits: © NDR/Aaron Rose

The duo Frida Gold is out of Germany’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023, the Unser Lied für Liverpool. The lead singer, Alina Süggeler, is ill and unable to perform tonight.

In a press statement issued this morning by the broadcaster ARD, Frida Gold explained the situation: “On the second day of rehearsals, it was already clear to everyone involved that Alina Süggeler was very ill and suffering from a fever. It had to be reduced to two runs, during which she could only sing sporadically. After that she went straight home hoping that rest and medication would stabilize her for the next day. Unfortunately, the opposite was the case, in addition to fever, chills and acute sore throat, she had also completely lost her voice”.

The singer visited a doctor, who declared her sick for a week and ordered absolute rest. Nothing could be done in the short term for Alina Süggeler to get better and be able to perform at Unser Lied für Liverpool. “This is a shock and an immense disappointment for Alina and everyone involved”, says the duo.

Frida Gold would compete with the song Alle Frauen In Mir Sind Müde. Unser Lied für Liverpool is thus reduced to just eight participants.

Running order in Unser Lied für Liverpool

(Click on the song titles to listen to it)

  1. TRONG: Dare To Be Different
  2. René Miller: Concrete Heart
  3. Anica Russo: Once Upon A Dream
  4. Lonely Spring: Misfit
  5. Will Church: Hold On
  6. Patty Gurdy: Melodies Of Hope
  7. Ikke Hüftgold: Lied mit gutem Text
  8. Lord of the Lost: Blood & Glitter

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