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First finalists of San Marino’s selection for Eurovision 2023 qualified

First finalists of San Marino’s selection for Eurovision 2023 qualified Image source: Facebook Una voce per San Marino

The first semi-final of Una Voce per San Marino 2023 was broadcast this Monday and qualified four participants for the final of the San Marino selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

There were 26 contestants performing in a show that, like all the other semi-finals, was pre-recorded. Only four of them already secured a place in the final, while another four participants still can qualify in the second chance round.

The results were decided by the jury alone. Today, the second semi-final will be broadcast.


Results of Semi-final 1 of Una Voce per San Marino 2023

  • Finalists
    • Alfie Arcuri: Collide
    • Deborah Iurato: Out of Space
    • Deshedus: Non basterà
    • E.E.F.: Something for You
  • Second chance
    • Camilla: It’s Not You, It’s Me
    • Camille Cabaltera: Mental
    • Daudia: What If
    • Edoardo Brogi: Due punti sull’Equatore
  • Eliminated
    • Acousticouple: Hell Rider
    • Alabaster: Ambrosia
    • Alessandro Coli: Afterglow
    • Andry: Superboom
    • Angel Dell: Hard to Be an Angel
    • ARIA: Una
    • Aristea: Dentro una bolla
    • Atwood: Dangerous
    • Blonde Brothers: Da che parte stai?
    • Brandon Parasole: Affare
    • Christina: Complicated
    • CHRISTOPHER: Stars in the Sky
    • Ciro De Luca: L’amore universale
    • Con Amore: Perfect Sight
    • Daniel Schuhmacher: Skin I’m In
    • Dionysian: Steps of the Way
    • DramaLove: Thunder
    • DƏVA: Malaise
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