ESC 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2024 is there! Everything you need to follow semi-final 1

Eurovision 2024 is there! Everything you need to follow semi-final 1 Picture credits: © Alma Bengtsson / EBU

The wait is almost over! The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 begins tonight with the first semi-final. The event takes place at the Malmö Arena in Malmö, Sweden.

There will be 15 participants tonight, competing for ten spots in the grand final next Saturday. In addition to the artists from the competing countries, the representatives of the direct finalists Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden will perform live.

As guests, Eleni Foureira, Eric Saade, and Chanel will take the stage for the opening. Johnny Logan and Benjamin Ingrosso will perform as interval acts.

Only the public votes. The phone lines for the ESC participating countries will open, as usual, after all the competing performances. However, online voting for the Rest of the World opened at 00h00 (CET time), closes before the first song, and reopens alongside the phone voting.

In addition to the 15 countries directly involved in the semi-final and the three direct finalist voters, viewers from virtually all over the world can vote in the Rest of the World voting.

The television broadcast, scheduled for 21h00 (CET time), can be watched live on the channels of the participating countries in the semi-final or online without commentary on the official ESC YouTube channel.

A espera está a acabar! O Festival Eurovisão da Canção (ESC) 2024 começa já esta noite com a primeira semifinal. O certame decorre na Malmö Arena em Malmö (Suécia).


Eurovision 2024 First semi-final

  • Time: 21h00 (CET)
  • BroadcastYouTube ESC; participating countries + Big 5 voting broadcasters
  • Results: 100% Public
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to listen to the songs)


  1. Cyprus – Silia Kapsis: Liar
  2. Serbia – Teya Dora: Ramonda
  3. Lithuania – Silvester Belt: Luktelk
  4. Ireland – Bambie Thug: Doomsday Blue
  5. Ukraine – alyona alyona & Jerry Heil: Teresa & Maria
  6. Poland – Luna: The Tower
  7. Croatia – Baby Lasagna: Rim Tim Tagi Dim
  8. Iceland – Hera Björk: Scared of Heights
  9. Slovenia – Raiven: Veronika
  10. Finland – Windows95man: No Rules
  11. Moldova – Natalia Barbu: In The Middle
  12. Azerbaijan – Fahree feat. İlkin Dövlətov: Özünlə Aparv
  13. Australia – Electric Fields: One Milkali (One Blood)
  14. Portugal – iolanda: Grito
  15. Luxembourg – Tali: Fighter
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