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Croatia’s selection for Eurovision 2024 will feature novelties in the voting system

Croatia’s selection for Eurovision 2024 will feature novelties in the voting system Image: © HRT

In a few weeks, Dora 2024 will elect Croatia’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)… and there will be some news. The semi-finals are on February 22 and 23, while the final is scheduled for February 25. All shows will take place at the HRT studios in Zagreb.

The newspaper Jutarnji List reports that in the semi-finals, the results are entirely determined by televoting. As for the final, the jury accounts for 50%, and the public for the other 50%.

For the first time, the jury will not only consist of Croatian professionals: four members are nationals, and four are international, coming from Germany, Iceland, Italy, and Ukraine.

As revealed some weeks ago, there are 24 participants in Dora 2024. Each semi-final has 12, of which eight qualify for a final that will feature 16 songs.


Dora 2024 Semi-finals

(Click on the song titles to listen to it)

  • Semi-final 1, February 22
  1. Noelle: Baby, Baby
  2. Mario Battifiaca ft. Robert Ferlin: Vodu piti trizan biti
  3. Stefany Žužić: Sretnih dana dat’ će Bog
  4. Misha: One Day
  5. Erna: How Do You Love Me
  6. Eugen: Tišine
  7. Vinko: Lying Eyes
  8. Barbara Munjas: Nepobjediva
  9. Let3: Babaroga
  10. Lana Mandarić: More
  11. Pavel: Do mjeseca
  12. Saša Lozar: Ne plačem zbog nje


  • Semi-final 2, February 23
  1. Lu Dedić: Plavi leptir
  2. James Night: Nebo plače
  3. Lara Demarin: Ner vjerujem ti
  4. Alen Đuras: A Tamburitza Lullaby
  5. The Splitters: Od kad te sanjam
  6. Boris Štok: Can We Talk
  7. Baby Lasagna: Rim tim tagi dim
  8. ET: Pametnon dosta
  9. Vatra: Slatke suze, gorka ljubav
  10. Damir Kedžo: Voljena ženo
  11. Natalie Balmix: Dijamanti
  12. Marcela: Gasoline
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