Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2023

Blanca Paloma: “I dream of Valencia 2024, why not?”

Blanca Paloma: “I dream of Valencia 2024, why not?” Image credits: Chloe Hashemi / EBU

This year, Blanca Paloma represents Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) with the song Eaea. Right now, she is apparently one of the candidates for the top positions in this Saturday’s grand final, and she assured that she is ready to win.

In a press conference, asked about what she would feel about next year’s ESC being held in Valencia due to a possible Spanish win, Blanca Paloma commented: “I dream of Valencia 2024, why not? I am ready. If Europe is ready, I am ready. I’m ready to win”.

Asked about what inspired her staging concept, the Spanish artist explained: “My idea, from the beginning, was to keep the idea of Benidorm, because I think it reflects very well the character I wanted to create, an archer who throws love arrows straight to the hearts of the people”.

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