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VIDEO: Netherlands’ song for Eurovision 2023, ‘Burning Daylight’, released

VIDEO: Netherlands’ song for Eurovision 2023, ‘Burning Daylight’, released Image credits: Jasper Suyk

The song with which the Netherlands will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 was released. Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper will sing Burning Daylight.

The song was written by the duo together witth Duncan Laurence (winner of ESC 2019), Jordan Garfield and Loek van der Grinten. Burning Daylight premiered on Remastered Rotterdam and the official music video (which you can watch below) was also released.

In a press statement, the song’s message is explained this way: “We all have our unique problems and challenges as human beings, which are often universal; a relationship that goes out, losing a loved one, work that doesn’t suit us, stress, or when we’re just tangled up with ourselves. Sometimes it feels like we’re at a dead end and days go by without meaning. But just when the old doesn’t work and you’re standing with your back against the wall, there is the opportunity for growth, for something new. Say goodbye to the old life in which you don’t feel so free – goodbye old life”.

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