ESC 2024 National Selections Highlights Eurovision Song Contest

Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2024 received almost 400 submissions

Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2024 received almost 400 submissions Image credits: Corinne Cumming / EBU

The application period for Vidbir 2024 have ended, with 389 submissions for the selection of Ukraine’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 . The long list of participants will be revealed on November 9.

There were 288 artists who applied (222 of them are solo singers). The broadcaster Suspilne received 337 songs, with 57.5% in the Ukrainian language, 33% in English, approximately 9% in bilingual compositions, and 0.5% in other languages.

Ten finalists will be announced on November 20, followed by an online public vote to determine one more participant from those who were not selected. Vidbir will take place in February next year.

Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy), the musical director of the event, said in a statement: “Ukrainians, thank you for each of the 389 submissions! I can already say that they include at least four 100% hits, ten potential hits, several exciting comebacks, as well as something new that I hope will surprise us and the world. I am grateful to all the musicians, producers, arrangers, and authors for their efforts and heart. I know how psychologically challenging it is to be creative now, but I am proud that the artists do not give up on their work but continue to develop and move forward. As always, Vidbir will breathe new Ukrainian music and discover those who walk on the border of modern pop culture and desperately seek self-expression in this turbulent world”.

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