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The audience favorite in the Evening Show of SF2 of Eurovision 2024 was Switzerland by just one point

The audience favorite in the Evening Show of SF2 of Eurovision 2024 was Switzerland by just one point Picture credits: © EBU / Corinne Cumming

The Evening Preview of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 took place this Wednesday in Malmö, at the Malmö Arena. The audience voted in a poll, in which the victory went to Switzerland by a narrow margin. The country also led the Press Poll.

The website, along with ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast, and OGAE Sweden, conducted the Audience Poll, with 2,521 votes registered (2,424 votes excluding those on Big 5 countries).

With 624 votes, Switzerland won the poll, thanks to the song The Code by Nemo. In second place, with xxx points, was the Netherlands (Joost Klein, Europapa), and the podium was closed by Greece, whose song ZARI by Marina Satti scored 184 points.

Ranked between 11th and 16th, in this order, were Georgia, Czechia, San Marino, Malta, Albania and Latvia, which means they would be eliminated if the results of this poll were the ones that counted.

It’s worth noting the significant difference between the top two and the rest: Switzerland and the Netherlands were separated by one point, Greece finished third, 439 points behind the second place, and with only 112 more votes than the 11th placed Georgia.

As for the Big 5 performing in this semi-final, France (SlimaneMon Amour) was the most voted with 121 votes, against 100 for Italy (Angelina MangoLa noia) and 92 for Spain (NebulossaZorra).


Results of the Audience Poll on the Semi-Final 2 of Eurovision 2024

(Click on the song titles to listen to it)

  1. Suíça/Nemo: The Code – 624 votes (25.74%)
  2. Países Baixos/Joost Klein: Europapa – 623 votes (25.70%)
  3. Grécia/Marina Satti: ZARI – 184 votes (7.59%)
  4. Estónia/5MIINUST x Puuluup: (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – 144 votos (5.94%)
  5. Áustria/Kaleen: We Will Rave – 134 votes (5.53%)
  6. Bélgica/Mustii: Before the Party’s Over – 112 votes (4.62%)
  7. Noruega/Gåte: Ulveham – 108 votes (4.46%)
  8. Israel/Eden Golan: Hurricane – 111 votes (4.58%)
  9. Arménia/Ladaniva: Jako – 84 votes (3.18%)
  10. Dinamarca/Saba: Sand – 77 votes (3.18%)
  11. Geórgia/Nutsa Buzaladze: Fire Fighter – 72 votes (2.97%)
  12. Chéquia/Aiko: Pedestal – 46 votes (1.90%)
  13. São Marino/Megara: 11:11 – 40 votes (1.65%)
  14. Malta/Sarah Bonnici: Loop – 35 votes (1.44%)
  15. Albânia/Besa: TiTAN – 20 votes (0.83%)
  16. Letónia/Dons: Hollow – 10 votes (0.41%)
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