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Loreen’s staging will require changes for Eurovision 2023

Loreen’s staging will require changes for Eurovision 2023 Image credits: Alma Bengtsson/SVT

Loreen’s performance at Melodifestivalen 2023 included an upper platform hanging above the singer, which will not be allowed at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Loreen represents Sweden with the song Tattoo.

Right now, just over a month away from the event, there is still no solution. There are three major problems: the weight of the structure (1.8 tons), which may not be supported by Liverpool Arena; the lighting stage which is very different from Melodifestivalen; and the fact that ESC rules are prohibiting structures that hang from the ceiling of the arena.

Anders Wistbacka, SVT’s creative director, said in an interview quoted by the website that it will be necessary to introduce changes in Loreen’s staging, as well as an adaptation so that the conditions are fair for all competitors. On the other hand, the smoke will have to change and a commercial break will be required to prepare the performance.

According to the professional, the Swedish delegation is still trying to find an alternative to the hanging platform. Only in mid-April, with the stand-in rehearsals, the final answer to the solution will be found.

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