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KEiiNO and Ulrikke could return to Melodi Grand Prix in 2023

KEiiNO and Ulrikke could return to Melodi Grand Prix in 2023 Image credits: Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK

The Melodi Grand Prix will select Norway’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) once again in 2023 and may have two well-known contestants: KEiiNO and Ulrikke.

The president of OGAE Norway, Morten Thomassen, told The Euro Trip podcast that Ulrikke confirmed that she wants to be in the contest: “We [OGAE Norway] had our meeting, and we had Ulrikke as a guest. She told us she is going back to Melodi Grand Prix, and she is going to win, and she is going to Eurovision. She has been in the studio this last autumn, so manybe next year she is in”.

On the other hand, the Norwegian mentioned rumors about KEiiNO’s return for what would be a third participation in five years: “There have also been strong rumours about KEiiNO also wanting to go back. Both of them [Ulrikke & KEiiNO] have something they are wanting to avenge”.

KEiiNO won the Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 and took the fifth place in the ESC for Norway. Ulrikke won the Norwegian show the following year, but she was unable to participate in the ESC following its cancellation due to the pandemic.

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