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Festival da Canção 2024 officially presented on January 18

Festival da Canção 2024 officially presented on January 18 Image credits: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The Festival da Canção 2024 will be officially presented on January 18. The event determines the representative of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

The presentation will take place at Musicbox Lisboa on January 18 at 11:30 AM. During the event, the songs and performers will be revealed. At this point, the 20 composers are already known, along with their distribution across the semifinals.

Additionally, following the tradition of previous years, the presentation is expected to announce the dates, venues, and hosts of the Festival da Canção.

Songwriters of the Festival da Canção 2024

  • Semifinal 1
    • Bispo
    • Iolanda
    • Left.
    • João Borsch
    • Mela
    • Mila Dores
    • Nena
    • Noble
    • Perpétua
    • Rita Rocha
  • Semifinal 2
    • Buba Espinho
    • Cristina Clara
    • Filipa
    • Huca
    • João Couto
    • Léo Middea
    • Maria João
    • No Maka
    • Rita Onofre
    • Silk Nobre
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