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Eurovision Schedule: All you need to follow the first «Super Saturday» of the year

Eurovision Schedule: All you need to follow the first «Super Saturday» of the year

Here comes the first «Super Saturday» of the year. There will be seven national selection shows for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 broadcast today, February 3, including four finals.

Find all the essential details here to follow along (CET times).


Ukraine/Vidbir – Final (17h00, YouTube ESC)

Ukraine will elect its representative for ESC 2024 this Saturday. Vidbir will once again be the contest, featuring 11 participants. Among them is MÉLOVIN, who previously represented the country in 2018. The jury and the public through televoting each contribute 50% each to the results. The judges are Jamala, Verka Serduchka (who represented Ukraine in ESC in 2016 and 2007, respectively), and Sergii Tanchynets. Scheduled for 17:00, Vidbir will be broadcast online on various platforms, including the official ESC YouTube channel. Also set to perform are Anastasia Dymyd e Svetlana Tarabarova, Dmytro Shurov, Jamala, Kalush Orchestra, Ruslana, Tina Karol, TVORCHI and Verka Serduchka.

    1. YAKTAK: Lalala
    2. INGRET: Keeper
    3. NAZVA: Slavic English
    4. ANKA: Palala
    5. Drevo: Endless Chain
    6. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil: Teresa & Maria
    7. MÉLOVIN: Dreamer
    8. SKYLERR: Time is running out
    9. Ziferblat: Place I Call Home
    10. YAGODY: Tsunamia
    11. NAHABA: Glasss


Norway/Melodi Grand Prix – Final (19h50, NRK)

In the fourth week of Melodi Grand Prix 2024, the grand final is arriving. This Saturday, Norway will discover its representative at ESC. Nine contestants will take the stage at Trondheim Spektrum. Unlike the semi-finals, the final will have both jury voting (40%) and public voting (60%). The Melodi Grand Prix final is scheduled for 19:50, with broadcast on NRK at this link.

  • Time: 19h50
  • Broadcast: NRK
  • Results: 40% jury / 60% public
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to watch the performances in the semi-finals)
    1. KEiiNO – Damdiggida
    2. AnnPrincess – Save Me
    3. Gothminister – We Come Alive
    4. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya
    5. MIIA – Green Lights
    6. Margaret Berger – Oblivion
    7. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo: Judge Tenderly of Me
    8. Gåte: Ulveham
    9. Super Rob & Erika Norwich: My AI


Malta/Malta Eurovision Song Contest – Final (21h00, TVM)

Tonight, Malta will also select its representative for ESC 2024. The Malta Eurovision Song Contest features 12 contestants in competition, with results determined by both the jury and the public. You can watch this final live on TVM’s YouTube channel from 21:00.

  • Time: 21h00
  • Broadcast: Youtube TVM ; Site TVM
  • Results: Jury / Public
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to watch the performances in the semi-finals)


Spain/Benidorm Fest – Final (22h00, RTVE)

After an intense week, the Benidorm Fest 2024 will have its final this Saturday, selecting Spain’s representative for ESC. Eight participants will compete for the win in the event. Similar to the semifinals, the professional jury accounts for 50% of the results, while the demoscopic jury and public televoting each contribute 25%. The gala is scheduled for 22:00 and will be broadcast on RTVE’s website.


  • Time: 22h00
  • BroadcastRTVE
  • Results: 50% jury / 25% demoscopic jury / 25% public televote
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to watch the performances in the semi-finals)



Lithuania/Eurovizija.LT – Semi-final 4 (20h00, LRT)

Eight more contestants vying to represent Lithuania in ESC 2024 will face the votes. The fourth semifinal, prerecorded like the others, will be broadcast this Saturday. The results are determined equally by 50% from the jury and the public. You can watch this gala on LRT’s YouTube channel starting at 20:00.

  • Time: 20h00
  • Broadcast: YouTube LRT, Website LRT
  • Results: 50% jury / 50% public televote
  • Number of qualified acts: 2
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to watch the performances in the semi-finals)
    1. Agnė Buškevičiūtė – Puppeteer
    2. Il Senso – Time
    3. Kasparas – Fool
    4. Monika Marija – Unlove You Starting Tomorrow
    5. Vilija – Save Me
    6. Danielė – Cold Shower
    7. Martin – Jigsaw
    8. Hansanova – Dragons and rainbows


Sweden/Melodifestivalen – Heat 1 (20h00, SVT)

Sweden, the host country of ESC 2024, begins the search for its representative this Saturday. The first semifinal of Melodifestivalen will take place in the Eurovision host city, Malmö, with six participants. The results are entirely determined by public televoting. The top two are directly qualified for the final, while the third and fourth-placed contestants will compete in a second chance round at the end of the fifth semifinal. The show is scheduled for 20:00 and can be watched on the SVT website.

  • Time: 20h00
  • Broadcast: SVT
  • Results: 100% public televote
  • Number of qualified acts: 2 finalists + 2 «second chance»
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to listen the snippets)
    1. Adam Woods: Supernatural
    2. Samir & Viktor: Hela världen väntar
    3. Melina Borglowe: Min melodi
    4. Elisa Lindström: Forever Yours
    5. Lisa Ajax: Awful Liar
    6. Smash Into Pieces: Heroes Are Calling


Latvia/Supernova – Semi-final (20h10, LTV)

This Saturday, the single semifinal of Supernova 2024, Latvia’s selection process, is taking place. There are 15 contestants competing for just ten spots in the grand final, including Agnese Rakovska, who represented the country as part of Triana Park in 2017. The results will be decided by both the jury and the public via televoting. The show is scheduled for 20:10 and will be broadcast on the LTV website.

  • Time: 20h10
  • Broadcast: LTV
  • Results: Jury / Public
  • Number of qualified acts: 10
  • Running order (Click on the song titles to listen to it)
    1. Agnese Rakovska: AI
    2. Patrīcija Spale: Heaven’s Raining Down On Me
    3. B/H: Amsterdam
    4. Alekss Silvers: For The Show
    5. Jar of Kings: Wildfire
    6. Saint Levića: Tick Tock
    7. Sasha Sil: Love Is A Language
    8. Papīra Lidmašīnas: Mind Breaker
    9. AVÉI: Mine
    10. ECTO: Outsider
    11. Dons: Hollow
    12. Katrīna Gupalo: The Cat’s Song
    13. Funkinbiz: Na chystu vodu
    14. Vēstulēs: kur?
    15. Edvards Strazdiņš: Rock n’ Roll Supernova
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