ESC 2024 Secondary highlights Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2024 featuring 41 participating countries?

Eurovision 2024 featuring 41 participating countries? Image credits: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 may once again have more than 40 participating countries – 41, to be precise.

According to the website, that number was mentioned twice by France’s head of delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, in an interview with France Inter on Wednesday during the announcement of the representative of that country.

Currently, it is known that 35 countries will participate, including the return of Luxembourg. To reach 41, there would have to be at least three more returns or debuts – the continuity of Australia and Romania is still uncertain. There is speculation that North Macedonia could be one of those returning countries. The final list of participating countries at the ESC is usually released between October and November of the previous year.

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