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EBU confirms eligibility of Spanish song for Eurovision 2024

EBU confirms eligibility of Spanish song for Eurovision 2024 Image: © RTVE

«Green light» for Spain’s song at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024. Last Saturday, Nebulossa won the Benidorm Fest 2024 with the song Zorra, whose lexicon raised some doubts about its eligibility.

The title Zorra is a slang word, and in the past, there have been instances where lyrics had to be modified in the ESC for similar reasons. An example is Zitti e Buoni, with which Måneskin won in 2021, containing an Italian slang («Cazzo») that had to be removed.

Regarding Zorra, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) assured El País that it is eligible. In a statement quoted by the newspaper, it reads: “The EBU considers that there are many interpretations of the title of the song presented by RTVE to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Taking into account its intended use in the context of the lyrics and the message of the song, as explained to us by RTVE, we conclude that the song is eligible to participate in this year’s competition. The staging of the song in May, as with all participating performances, will be agreed with the producers at a later date”.

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